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Ócáid cloch mhíle TECHRAY: tús le trealamh easpórtála córais giniúna ocsaigine 80m3

De réir admin In Art, News 2019-08-19

TECHRAY milestone event:80m3 oxygen generation systemexport equipment debut

Techray has opened a new stage in its development, not onlyoffering a complete product line system, but also exporting products to 35 countries and regions overseas, and providing products and services to 2000 domestic user units.

80m3 oxygen generation system 

At the end of 2018, Techray signed several oversea orders valued more than10 million Yuan.Theseorders show that Techray product quality and technology are internationally recognized, heralding the eve of product export, Techray will complete another milestone event. 

As a manufacturer with CE certified products, Techray foresee the huge potential market. This time under the rise of the overseas market,  large equipment units to be delivered overseas will soon be fully commissioned, to open a new chapter for Techray entering into the new markets of Africa, Southeast Asia, South America and other regions!

Large oxygen generating units make debut in Techray production workshop

  • Large oxygen generating units make debutin Techray production workshop


TECHRAY new 4th gneration intelligent medical oxygen system, combined with modular technology, can not onlyprovide stable and reliable medical oxygen overall solution for oxygen demand places, but also  minimize the molecular sieve pulverization, reduce energy consumption and improve the oxygen recovery rate needs.

TECHRAY new 4th gneration intelligent medical oxygen system

Facing the mature overseas trade market and supporting policies and various supports, Techray integrate resources, actively explore overseas markets, create export quality products, and establish a perfect supply chain system, to enhance the core competitiveness of product exports.

TECHRAY new 4th gneration intelligent medical oxygen system (2) 

Teicreo's export brand and perfect management system successfully achieve a series of service processes such as product trading circulation, customs clearance, logistics and transportation, port loading and unloading, overseas sales, etc. The whole process of dedicated docking and follow-up effectively and continuously have strengthened overseas export trade. 

In addition to opening up the distribution system of high-quality products, we also continue to improve the level of overseas customers' awareness of "Made in China" and "Created in China", and promote the overall development of China's overseas export trade.

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