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Seoladh Chomhar Straitéiseach Domhanda Techray & Kobelco

De réir admin In Art, News 2019-11-04

Seoladh Chomhar Straitéiseach Domhanda Techray & Kobelco

At the end of October 2019, the chairman of Techray and his team made a short on-site visit in Kobelco, a world-famous brand of air compressor. Both attended the launch ceremony of the first batch of oil-free air compressors for the global strategic cooperation between the two sides in the Goblet project in Paraguay, and had deep discussions on the global strategic cooperation.

Techray has provided professional and high quality services to more than 2,000 users and has won the favor of customers. During the period of strategic cooperation with the world's top 500 companies, Kobelco, joint custom development of air compressors, and Techray innovative oxygen host highly linked to ensure product quality, achieve the sustainable development of the brand, and improve the technical level of the entire oxygen industry.

Ribbon-cutting ceremony on site

  • Ribbon-cutting ceremony on site

  • Group photo of the successful ceremony

Techray ‘s spirit of insisting on user first and continuous innovation is in line with the philosophy of Kobelco. The first batch of oil-free air compressors jointly customized by both parties will be shipped to Paraguay soon, and they will work together to deepen cooperation in oil-free air compressors to achieve the world's high standard.

  • Visit to Kobelco Culture Exhibition Hall

  • Visit to Kobelco workshop

Kobelco made me feel the charm of the company, not only in  the leading technology , but also in their dedicated working attitude, which made me have a new and full understanding of this company—Kobelco; We are very confident to cooperate with Kobelco." Chairman of Techray said.

oxygen Air compressor

With the ceremony as a new starting point, the leaders of both sides had a detailed discussion on the global strategic deployment, saying that in the process of promoting globalization services technology is added, and globalization is used to accumulate energy for development, to promote continuous cooperation to develop steadily.

Taking this good opportunity, the two sides agreed to expand the current domestic cooperation to foreign market. Techray hope that by working with such an outstanding enterprise, the joint customization will be bigger in scale and stronger in technology; and through continuous innovation on the product, the product technology vitality will be greatly increased, making due contribution to the development of the medical industry.

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