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  • Córas Píblíne Gáis Leighis

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Providing whole solutions for medical gas and installation with leading oxygen production technology and advanced supporting facilities. More safety, More convenience, More economy.



Intelligent management and the fast feedback information spread, Which has good controllability in costs and uses



The system is connected with the oxygen generator system, the vacuum system and the medical air system. It also Meet the relative international standard



We upgraded the appearance which equip with deluxe configurations. Meeting the vision needs. 


  • Medical GAS pipeline

The pipeline system have the capacity of cleanliness, corrosion resistance and impermeability to avoid the leakage and pollution


Vacuum pipeline system

The pipeline material, the layout, pipeline connection,ground connection, color mark, the system booster, warning devices, pressure experiment and purge


Medical Oxygen pipeline

Multifunctional system From the oxygen to the hospital sickbeds terminal, which is made of cylinders(optional), oxygen delivery pipeline,pressure alarm monitoring box, oxygen flow meter, oxygen supply terminals


  • Parts of Medical Gas Pipeline


Bosca Aláraim

The alarm box is connected with the manifold. The top switch is worked with the second alarm box. Then the second group manifold can switch freely. It will arise the warning sign at the same time, Reminding someone to handle it.


Oxygen flow meter

It is convenient to calculate the cost of Oxygen flow meter for different each wards(area, floor). Monitoring the oxygen leakage in time.


Rialtóirí dara céim

Making the pipeline pressure control to the standard range and buffering the pipeline pressure, releasing the influence for the patients.


Nurse station alarm for three gases

It is for monitoring the pressure of central gas supply system. The system will raise the warning sign when the pressure higher or lower than the set point. Then reminding the administrator.

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